Sicilian Brociolone aka Farsumagro

DSCN1753This dish is also known as Farsumagro in Sicily and Falsomagro in most other areas of Italy. It is a traditional Sicilian meat roll. It is traditionally made for special occasions but in our family we had this dish at least once a month. It is an easy, tasty and elegant looking entrée for dinner guests. There are variations to this recipe. I prepare this as my mother and grandmother did. This recipe looks and sounds daunting but it is really pretty quick and easy to prepare.

Next time I make this delicious dish I will make a video, or at least more pictures to give a better idea of how it is prepared. This past weekend I made it for a dinner party I had so I couldn’t take the time to film the process. I only took a picture of the finished dish.DSCN1751 Continue reading

Chocolate Coconut Fudge

Chocolate Coconut Fudge Continue reading

Ginger Lemon Nut Spread

I made this on the spur of the moment last night for a get together. I just threw in what I had handy. I encourage my readers to do this. Sometimes you come up with something no one would want to eat but most the time you come up with a new and unique taste treat. Continue reading

Pumpkin Seed Pesto – Raw

_Pumpkin Seed  Pesto_

Pumpkin seed
Dried tomato soaked in olive oil and raw apple cider vinegar
Basil (I freeze then put them in food processor while frozen to mince easily)
Minced garlic
Peruvian olives (dried unsalted) Continue reading

Augusta Style Caffe d’orzo

Caffe d’orzo is a grain based coffee free hot drink that is as good as coffee… this comes from a real coffee lover. This version here is an old family recipe from Augusta, Sicily. It is a bit of work but worth the time and makes well over a pound. Continue reading

Romano Kale Salad

Romano Kale Salad
I grew up in a family that put strong cheeses: Romano, Parmesan, Provolone, etc,  on everything. I am always experimenting to recreate that taste. This salad tastes like it has Romano cheese sprinkled on it. I don’t think it is any one ingredient but just dumb luck in finding a combination that simulates that taste. Continue reading

Spicy Green Beans with Hemp Seed

This is a quick, protein rich ,broiled side dish that takes just minutes to make.

If you don’t have coconut aminos  substitute with chickpea miso, or sea salt. Continue reading

Coconut Vegetable Cake

This is a high protein, high fiber, savory cake made with coconut flour. This recipe makes 8 servings.

Suitable for plant based diets, vegan and vegetarianContinue reading

Savory Vegetable Muffin

High protein vegetable muffin.

Suitable for plant based diets, vegan and vegetarian Continue reading

Quick Veg Burger Ideas

Demonstration of some ways to make interesting veggie burgers without bread.

Look for more veggie burger ideas soon

Buckwheat Burgers
Peanut Butter Miso Sauce

Escarole and Mushroom