Tips on Spice and Herb Mixes

It is very convenient when you are cooking quick meals to have the spices already premixed. The ones that you buy premixed most often have salt added. More importantly there can be other ingredients, not required to be listed, lurking in your spice and herb mixes. These can be MSG, aspartame, and other toxins and chemicals, even the organic mixes. Furthermore the mixes are priced very high.

I make all my own mixes. You can take the formula of someone else, like me, or a cookbook or on the internet. You can also look at the ingredients of a mix that you do like and use that for your formula, that way you will know what to expect from it. The lists of ingredients are arranged in their relative amount so that the first one is the most abundant and so on down the line.

Skip adding the salt though. Salt just overpowers the subtle flavor of herbs and spices then everything just tastes the same, like salt. Try a little raw apple cider vinegar in the place of salt. It is a great flavor enhancer. This way you can use the type and amount of salt of your choice, or some ingredients that may contain salt and not be over salted.

These are some of the most often used mixes I make and keep on hand:
Curry spice
Garam masala
Ras el hanout
Spanish or Mexican type
Italian type herb mix
Caribbean type herb mix
Jamaican jerk spice mix
Ethiopian Berbere spice

You might often find that there are some combinations of spices that just work well together. For instance, I often use the combination of dill weed, caraway seed, and bay leaf together, so I keep a mixture of these around to save time while I am cooking. In time I will post my formulas. It is fun though to get the ideas of many people and formulate your herbs and spices to your own personal taste.

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