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Recommended Book:
Primal Body-Primal Mind

primalmindThanks to the many readers of this blog who sent me links to this book, Wheat Belly, Weston Price website,  and other info which has led to a greater understanding of the faults in exclusive plant based eating.

I like the holistic approach of this author. She takes into account not only optimum health but also the environment and the pressure plant based eating places on it and on the animals that would normally make a part of the human diet.

My nutritionist has been telling me for years that there is wisdom in this approach and that the plant based diet I had previously favored is not the best for optimum health. I think after what I have learned  from a variety of sources recently I will have to finally concede and agree with her.

Hear Nora Gedgaudas interviewed here,   and follow the links on the page to learn more.

See this article also: The Caveman Diet: Grain Free, Disease Free

Recommended Book – Wheat Belly

Wheat bellyWheat Belly by William Davis, MD.  It can be found at all the usual booksellers. You can still get this in hardcover at discounted prices.

This is an excellent book with some great practical information on healthy eating. I highly recommend it. It contained some ideas that are new and some  that I may not  have previously agreed with. But for me, I think  it is always good to remain open-minded and acknowledge when a person is teaching me some new and better ways of looking at things. Many of his recommendations mirror those of a nutritionist I highly respect.

Here is his website blog:   He has some very good recipes there too.

Here is an interview wit him:

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